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Character Profile: Hounds

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Japanese Info
Hounds Hounds
Humans Humans
-- varies -- -- varies --
-- varies -- -- varies --
-- varies -- -- varies --
-- varies -- -- varies --
-- varies --  
-- varies --  
Military unit that works for the city government Military unit that works for the city government
Geobreeders Geobreeders

Character Description: Hounds

The Hounds are a force created by the city's government to combat the Phantom Cats.

The Hounds just look like any other military unit to the casual observer, but they use the latest technology to combat the Phantom Cats.

Their guns fire bullets that are capable of harming a Phantom Cat. When a Phantom Cat is hit by one of these bullets, they can't regenerate the spot on their body that hit by the bullet.

The Hounds also have computers that are partially protected against Phantom Cats. Only the strongest, or best Phantom Cats can get into the Hounds' computer systems, but the Hounds like to say that no Phantom Cat can get in.

The P.R.O.W.L.E.R tank was a creation of the Hounds, and had the most advanced equipment designed to fight the Phantom Cats. It was suppose to be completely automated, and immune to Phantom Cat influence, but Socks showed them what the best Phantom Cat can do, when she took over the P.R.O.W.L.E.R. It took a combined effort from the Hounds and Kagura Security just to stop the P.R.O.W.L.E.R, and Socks.

The Hounds and Kagura Security are always getting in each other's way. And since the group that is credited with getting rid of a Phantom Cat, it doesn't have to pay for the damages inflicted on property. Both groups are always trying to out do the other, and avoid having to pay for the damage they cause to the city in the process of chasing a Phantom Cat.

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