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Character Profile: Yayoi Kuribayashi

USA Info
Japanese Info
Yayoi Kuribayashi Yayoi Kuribayashi(栗林 弥生) Yayoi Kuribayashi (Mouse)
Human Human
Female Female
Mid 20's Mid 20's
Light brown Light brown
Reddish-brown Reddish-brown
College nurse, servant to Sorata Muon College nurse, servant to Sorata Muon
Cindy Alexander Yukari Fukui
Steal 01: "The Name is Mouse" Steal 01: "The Name is Mouse"
Mouse Mouse

Character Description: Yayoi Kuribayashi

The nurse of the college where Sorata Muon works, as well as part of the college's biology research team, Yayoi Kuribayashi is also the servant of Muon, a.k.a. 'Mouse'. A very busty girl, Yayoi is very devoted to her master, and is forever concocting one potion after another in order to increase Muon's sexual stamina.

However, a few years before, the reverse was true for her. Yayoi grew-up a shy but brilliant girl, but after inadvertently seeing her parents having sex, she developed a fear of men so great, she would get a panic attack just greeting a man. But she was able to control that fear to a degree when she was able to tutor Muon, who was still a student at the time, and was curious when she saw a classmate of her's, Mei Momozono, having an intimate relationship with him.

However, one night a panic attack of her's upon hearing that Mouse was about caused Yayoi to start a fire at the lab she worked. At the same time, Muon, in his guise of Mouse, was there to steal a valuable sample. Seeing Yayoi in danger, Muon went to save her, but was having trouble because she was panicking. But Muon reassured the girl, and thus so caused Yayoi to come out of her shell.

The most perverted of Muon's three servants, Yayoi has a strong exhibitionist fetish. She has made known her wish to walk with him naked, as well as her desire of having sex in public places.

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